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Introducing Live for Facebook Mentions

Today, we’re excited to introduce Live, a new way for public figures to share live video from Mentions with their fans on Facebook.

Every day, athletes, musicians, politicians and other influencers use Facebook Mentions to share and connect with their fans, and more than 900 million people are connected to public figures on Facebook.

Facebook Live Updates for Mentions

With our new comment moderation tool, people using Mentions can add words and phrases to a blacklist before they go live, which will prevent comments containing …

Facebook Mentions is an app that enables all kinds of public figures — including athletes, musicians, journalists, politicians, and more — to easily connect with their audience on Facebook.

Updates to Facebook Mentions: Improvements for Live …

Updates to Facebook Mentions: Improvements for Live, Mentions Feed, and Messaging

With today’s update, we’re making some improvements to how you broadcast and save the video after you go live. You can now record live video by holding the …

Today, we’re sharing some updates to Facebook Mentions on iOS.

New: Facebook Mentions and Live for Verified Profiles

Today, we’re making Facebook Mentions and Live available to public figures with verified profiles to help them engage their followers and interact with …

People love reading articles from and connecting with their favorite journalists and public figures on Facebook.

Facebook Mentions

Today we launched a new Live tab in Mentions! This destination highlights Facebook Live videos created by public figures, so you can explore live videos …

Introducing Facebook Mentions for Android

With the addition of Live, many musicians, athletes, actors, journalists and other influencers have used Mentions to share live video with their fans.

Since we introduced Facebook Mentions for iOS, thousands of public figures have used the app to connect and interact with millions of fans.

Facebook Mentions

verified profiles! More information here: http://media.fb. com/2015/09/10/mentions-and-live-for-verified-

Einführung von „Live“ für Facebook Mentions

Einführung von „Live“ für Facebook Mentions – Die Verbindung zwischen Fans und Stars. 5. August 2015. von Vadim Lavrusik, Product Manager.

Facebook Gives Verified Profiles Its Mentions App With “Live …

10.09.2015 — Live lets VIPs start a live stream broadcast that appears in the News Feed of their followers and triggers a notification for fans who’ve …

Facebook Live Video Mentions – Business Insider

Facebook Live Video Mentions

05.08.2015 — Facebook just launched Live for Mentions, which lets celebrities … Facebook takes a jab at streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat with its …

Facebook just launched Live for Mentions, which lets celebrities stream live video.

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